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Have you ever tried to make the perfect self-portrait by holding your smartphone in your outstretched hand? If so, then it seems the time has come to look at such a gadget as a selfie stick (also called “selfie stick”).

Select Selfie Stick
In the simplest case, the selfie stick design is a telescopic tube with a smartphone holder at one end and a handle at the other.

There are two types of models of such devices. The first type is modern and electronic, it allows you to take photos and videos using the shutter button on the stick itself, or using a Bluetooth remote control that plays the role of such a button. The second type is quite simple and cheap, which is just a holder for the camera. In this case, you simply set the delayed shooting timer on the camera of the smartphone, direct it and wait for the shutter to work. Such models self-stick gradually disappear from sale.

General Tips for Using Selfie Stick

Before you start taking pictures, make sure that your camera or smartphone is securely fixed in the holder at the end of the selfie stick. Such holders may have a removable pad, tripod thread for mounting your device. Holders in some limits can be adjusted to the dimensions of your camera, but do not forget to check when buying a selfie stick, whether a specific holder is suitable for your smartphone or camera.

After acquiring a selfie stick, we advise you to spend time on trial home surveys using it. And only after you can confidently use it without the risk of dropping a smartphone or hurting any obstacles, can you go to street photoshoots.

Shooting control – wired or wireless via Bluetooth
Self-stick, equipped with a wired or wireless connection to the camera, allow you to immediately shoot, without using a timer in the Camera application on your smartphone. For example, in the case of the iPhone, the cable from the selfie stick is connected to the 8-pin connector (Lightning) of the smartphone, which serves to connect it to the computer. This cable provides a signal from the button on the stick of the selfie stick to the camera control program. Selfie-stick in this case is automatically connected to the control of the shutter release. By the way, on some iPhone models, the shutter button and the volume up button are the same button, so don’t worry if you see a volume change slider on the screen when you press it. Just open the “Camera” application on your smartphone, and the button function will automatically switch to the image management mode.

Wired selfie stick models have a drawback – when a photographer presses a button with his thumb, his hand holding this stick with a camera jerks slightly and the frame is smeared. You can avoid such problems if you use a selfie stick with a remote camera control via Bluetooth. A Bluetooth remote with a wrist strap is attached to this selfie stick. To pair the remote control and the smartphone, follow the instructions in the manual for the selfie stick. Usually, after fixing in the smartphone holder and turning on the power of the selfie stick, it is enough to run a search for Bluetooth devices on the smartphone, and it will find and establish a connection with the remote control. Once connected, you can take pictures using the remote in one hand and selfie stick in the other.

Setting a timer in the camera application
If you need to use the delayed shooting timer setting in the Camera application or (bad luck!) You lost the Bluetooth remote control, follow these instructions:

Open the Camera app.
Select the mode, lighting and filters you want to use for selfies.
Click on the timer at the top of the screen.
Choose a delay time of 3 or 10 seconds.
selfie stick guide

Now press the shutter button.
You will see the countdown in the lower right corner of the screen. So the timer is working properly.
selfie stick guide

Then aim the camera and wait for the flash.
Modern selfie sticks

Self-sticks have become quite a popular device, because they allow you to take group photos, photos in hard-to-reach places, in motion, in water, in the air.

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