Wild Honeymoon – Best Photographic Locations in Canada

A romantic, getaway honeymoon lounging by the beach can be a relaxing respite to most people. But to hobbyist photographers, the best way to enjoy time with the one you love is to put them in front of mouth-watering scenic views start snapping.

And if you have a photographic itch that you need to scratch during your honeymoon, a trip to the wilds of Canada is the solution to your problem.

Canada is home to spectacular natural beauty, breathtaking sceneries, and never-seen-before vistas that boggle the mind. What better way to bond with your betrothed than to create memories of a once-in-a-lifetime journey?

Here are the top locations for adventurous newlywed couples looking for a fascinating destination honeymoon in Canada.

Abraham Lake – Alberta

Wild Honeymoon - Best Photographic Locations in Canada
Abraham Lake in Alberta, Canada.

For couples looking for an adventurous honeymoon getaway in Canada, then Abraham Lake in Alberta is worth a visit. This lake has stunning beauty and it’s almost free from snow, allowing you to see the formation of methane gas bubbles which stream upwards and get frozen in the ice. What is more romantic than seeing this natural beauty with the one you love as the sun sets behind you? Remember to bring along a camera to capture these gorgeous views, for an unforgettable experience. On your list of potential honeymoon destinations in Canada, include Abraham Lake.

Western Brook Pond – Newfoundland and Labrador

Wild Honeymoon - Best Photographic Locations in Canada
Western Brook Pond in Newfoundland and Labrador.

This 10-mile-long natural masterpiece may be the adventure you’ve always been looking for. Located in Gros Morne National Park, this location has something to offer for couples who love going out, and enjoying what nature has to offer. It offers hiking trails and hills to view the spectacular beauty all around. Take a boat along the lake to see breathtaking sceneries of the magnificent Long Range Mountains, Cliffs which are billions of years old and pristine lake waters. When taking a hike, be sure to spot wildlife such as bald eagles, caribou, seals, whales, and foxes. By visiting Western Brook Pond, you’re guaranteed of an adventurous destination honeymoon like no other.

Bay of Fundy – New Brunswick

Wild Honeymoon - Best Photographic Locations in Canada
Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick.

The Bay of Fundy is another destination to consider for your honeymoon. Simply put, the Bay of Fundy offers a watery wonder like you’ve never seen before. Why not enjoy scuba diving, kayaking, and rafting on these waters with the love of your life and see the naturally eroded rocks, with shapes like keyholes and arches? Also, if you’re a fan or marine life, this location is home to some the endangered whale species. Dramatic sandstone cliffs and serene coastal views offer a backdrop for the best honeymoon pictures.

Jasper National Park – Alberta

Wild Honeymoon - Best Photographic Locations in Canada
Jasper National Park in Alberta.

This national park in Alberta has something for everyone. Beautiful glacier lakes, amazing waterfalls, and epic backcountry hikes. If you’re a fan of road trips, then this location scenic drives in Icefields Parkway. Here, you’ll enjoy ancient glaciers and a glass-floored walkway above Sunwapta Canyon for easy observation. Other places that shouldn’t be missed are Maligne Canyon, Maligne Lake, the Columbia Icefield and the Medicine Lake. Activities range from river rafting, biking and hiking, snowshoeing, lake boat tours, sleigh rides and not forgetting fantastic skiing and snowboarding. Jasper is more than worthwhile.

Queen Charlotte Islands/Haida Gwaii – British Columbia

Wild Honeymoon - Best Photographic Locations in Canada
Formerly known as the “The Queen Charlotte Islands,” Haida Gwaii is an ancient Canadian archipelago located just off the coast of British Columbia.

Featuring a rich culture, cliffside ocean vistas, and deep rainforests, Haida Gwaii offers an ideal location for nature enthusiastic couples. What makes Haida Gwaii an exotic honeymoon destination? Hiking trails in the forests, spectacular ocean viewpoints, whale watching, biking, beach walking for pleasure, camping grounds around this island, surfing, angling, canoeing and cultural activities (performances by local people, museums, galleries, and art studios).

Cavendish Beach – Prince Edward Island

Wild Honeymoon - Best Photographic Locations in Canada
Sea Arch and Cavendish Beach on Prince Edward Island.

Cavendish Beach is home to red sandy beaches, historic architecture and rocky red cliffs. Some of the best activities in this location include sunbathing, swimming, kayaking, parasailing, golfing and deep sea fishing. What makes this beach an amazing honeymoon destination and a photographer’s dream, is its pristine, other-worldly scenery. The absolute lack of people will mean unprecedented room to live, kiss, love, laugh and enjoy a romantic time. Excellent accommodations, entertainment, and food that is just out of this world.

These are some of best locations in Canada for an amazing destination honeymoon experience. The most important thing is to fully enjoy the time spent with the one you love. Make sure that these times will be your best memories!